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NHIS Mobile Renewal acceptance high|11/15/2019

The National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS) transition from desktop to Mobile Renewal is achieving the desired impact as majority of members are patronizing it at their convenience than visiting the district offices for renewals. Via a dedicated short code *929#, the awards winning innovation allows NHIS members to sit in the comfort of their homes, offices, chop bars, clubs, markets, trotros, farms and renew their membership.


Since its implementation in January 2019, available records demonstrate that the home-based innovation is increasing the number of renewals on a monthly basis. In a summary report of the status of the NHIS Mobile Renewals from January to the end of October, 2019, the cumulative number of mobile renewals was four million, six hundred and twenty eight thousand, eight hundred and seven (4,628,807).

The month of October 2019 alone recorded a total of six hundred and sixty six thousand, nine hundred and three (666,903) mobile renewals. This represented a remarkable increase of 22% over mobile renewals recorded in the month of September 2019.


Mobile Renewals: Membership Categories

Distinctively, Children under 18 years recorded the highest number of Mobile Renewals scoring 51.9%. A total of three hundred and forty six thousand, four hundred and fifty one (346,451) of that age bracket was recorded for the month October. The SSNIT Pensioners category recorded the lowest number of Mobile Renewals for the month of October.

This stood at four thousand, one hundred and fifty two (4,152), signifying 0.6%. In the informal sector, two hundred and fifty thousand, three hundred and thirty six (250,336) NHIS members, pegged at 37.5% used the Mobile Renewal service and the Elderly Aged group (Above 70 years) recorded thirty five thousand, eight hundred and seventeen (35,817) representing 5.4%. SSNIT Contributors made up of thirty thousand, one hundred and forty seven (30,147), pegged at 4.5% did Mobile Renewals.


NHIS Members testimony on Mobile Renewals  

Ending October, 2019, some NHIS members in a Vox Pop conducted nationwide using the random sampling technique praised the National Health Insurance Authority (NHIA) for the Mobile Renewal innovation.   According to them, the Mobile Renewal Service has given them unrestricted degree of freedom to have reliable information about the NHIS rather than going to the district offices for assistance.



In line with government’s digitization drive, on December 19, 2018, Alhaji Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia launched the Mobile Renewal Service to make the NHIS more accessible to its members and also improve upon the Scheme’s financial management.   The initiative marked the beginning of the total digitalization of the system of enrolment of new NHIS clients, renewal of membership, submission, processing and payment of claims to support efforts of the government towards universal health coverage of the country.



No more long queues at the NHIS District offices thereby creating enough space for staff to attend to pregnant and indigent members as well conduct community public education and outreach programmes.   The Scheme has become more attractive as members who left the Scheme are returning thereby increasing the number of persons being covered in line with Universal Health Coverage (UHC) vision of the government.


Combined with the generation of E-Receipts, the much touted innovation tracks payments to streamline the operations of the NHIS and make it more efficient.   The Mobile Membership Renewal Service puts a check on providers by reducing the chances of false claims generation through the option available to members to confirm or deny attendance after every facility visit requiring the use of the NHIS cards.  

Simplified Offline Verification allows NHIS provider facilities to verify membership validity with the aid of a mobile phone leading to prompt payment of claims.


Membership growth  

The NHIS active membership as risen from 10 million as at the end of 2016 to 11.7 million and they have access to services by 4,600 Health Service Providers credentialed by the NHIA across the country.  

Claims Payment

The Authority has so far cleared the 2016, 2017, 2018 arrears of claims and is on course paying 2019 claims.


Source: Abdul Karim Naatogmah         

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