Acting Director, Claims Visits CPC Cape Coast | 2/6/2024

The Ag. Director, Claims, Dr. Abigail Nyarko Codjoe Derkyi-Kwarteng, on February 5, 2024 undertook a comprehensive working visit to CPC-Cape Coast.

The purpose of her visit was to closely engage with the operations of the Centre, interact with the management team, and personally connect with the dedicated staff members.

During the visit, Dr. Derkyi-Kwarteng held productive discussions with the management of the CPC, delving into various aspects of claims processing and noting concerns or challenges faced by the Centre.

This collaborative exchange aimed at fostering a deeper understanding of the operational dynamics and ensuring a streamlined approach to claims management.Following the discussions with management, the Ag. Director took the opportunity to visit individual staff members at their workstations.

This personalized interaction not only allowed her to observe firsthand the daily workings of the CPC but also provided an avenue for direct communication with the staff.

Dr. Derkyi-Kwarteng acknowledged the hard work and commitment demonstrated by the CPC team, recognizing their vital role in the claims processing workflow.Expressing gratitude for their ongoing efforts, Dr. Derkyi-Kwarteng extended words of encouragement to the staff.

She emphasized the importance of their contributions to the overall success of the claims processing function and motivated them to continue their dedicated efforts.

The Director's positive and supportive message aimed to inspire a sense of pride and motivation among the staff members, fostering a collaborative and energized working environment.In conclusion, the working visit by Dr. Abigail Nyarko Codjoe Derkyi-Kwarteng to CPC-Cape Coast on February 5, 2024, served as a valuable opportunity for direct engagement, collaboration, and motivation within the claims processing team.

The interactions with both management and staff members contributed to strengthening the operational efficiency and fostering a positive work culture within the Claims Processing Centre.