GAR launched a vibrant Float dubbed ‘MyNHIS App Storm day' | 11/30/2023

In a remarkable display of commemoration, the Greater Accra Region of the National Health Insurance Authority (NHIA) took to the streets today, launching a vibrant float known as the "MyNHIS App Storm day." '

This exciting event aimed to sensitize and engage the community of Lapaz-Abeka, as part of the ongoing celebrations for the 20th anniversary of the esteemed National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS).

Lapaz-Abeka, a vibrant and populous neighborhood in the Greater Accra Region, witnessed an impressive gathering of NHIA officials all eager to partake in this symbolic campaign.

The float, adorned with colorful banners and accompanied by catchy branded T’shirt, melodies, proved to be a captivating sight en route through the community.

The primary objective of the MyNHIS App Storm day was to raise awareness about MyNHIS app which was introduced last year, NHIS and its significance in ensuring accessible and affordable healthcare for all citizens. Armed with a multitude of informational resources, NHIA representatives interacted with residents, enlightening them on the benefits of App registration process, and various services provided by the NHIS.

Speaking at the event, the Greater Accra Regional Director, Patience Danquah, emphasized the immense progress achieved in the past two decades through the NHIS.

She highlighted the scheme's role in enhancing healthcare delivery, reducing financial barriers, and promoting the overall health and well-being of Ghanaians.

The Regional Director urged community members to embrace the MyNHIS App, an innovative tool designed to simplify access to NHIS services and increase efficiency in healthcare delivery.Local residents eagerly absorbed the information shared by the NHIA officials, expressing their appreciation for the initiative.

Many lauded the NHIS for its significant contributions to their lives and families, enabling them to receive quality medical care without exorbitant financial burdens.In addition to the educational aspect, the MyNHIS App Storm day also provided an opportunity for NHIA to gather valuable feedback from community members.

Their input will serve to further enhance the NHIS and ensure its continued effectiveness and responsiveness to the needs of the people.

As the day-long event came to a close, it was evident that the NHIA's MyNHIS App Storm day had achieved its objective of sensitizing the Lapaz-Abeka community.

The greater significance of this float event reaches beyond the immediate celebration of the NHIS's two-decade milestone.

It reaffirms the commitment of the NHIA to building a healthier nation, encapsulating it’s vision of accessible and equitable healthcare for all Ghanaians.

Source:Lydia Adjei-Tutu, Greater Accra Regional PRO