NHIA staff undergo wellness orientation program | 6/4/2024

Staff from the Central, Western, and Greater Accra Regions have undergone orientation training regarding the updated policy focus of Promotive, Preventive Healthcare, and Wellness recently concluded in Koforidua the capital of the Eastern Region.

Participants gained  deep understanding of the fresh policy approach introduced by the National Health Insurance Authority (NHIA) under the leadership of Dr. Da-Coosta Aboagye.

The primary goal of this informative session was to equip staff with the necessary training to establish health and wellness units, create wellness clubs and corners within all NHIA establishments, and promote regular medical checkups to ensure overall well-being among employees.

 In a speech read on his behalf, The Chief Executive of the NHIA Dr. Dacosta-Aboagye disclosed that, the new policy direction is specifically designed to align with the target of achieving Universal Health Coverage (UHC) by the deadline of 2030, underscoring a significant shift in the NHIA’s strategic focus toward comprehensive health care for all.

 He emphasized the importance of the participants acting as capable advocates for the new policy agenda, highlighting the organization’s unwavering dedication to enhancing staff welfare and expanding accessibility to the National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS).Reflecting the Chief Executive’s steadfast commitment to employee well-being and other related initiatives, the Director of Administration, at NHIA- Mr. Raymond Avinu  explained that the orientation program centered on promotive, preventive healthcare, and wellness to foster a culture of holistic healthcare within the NHIA framework. 

Augmenting the sessions were presentations by two experts from the Promotion and Prevention healthcare unit at NHIA, namely Madam Augustina Nartey and Madam Renee Opare Otoo, who delved into Promotion and Preventive Care strategies as well as stress management techniques.

 The well-received training left the participants enthusiastic and appreciative of the comprehensive knowledge shared, pledging to implement the acquired skills and insights effectively within their respective workplaces to promote a healthier work environment and lifestyle. In conclusion, the collaborative efforts between the NHIA leadership, administrative team, and participating staff underscore a collective commitment towards realizing the organization’s overarching goals of enhancing health and wellness practices, aligning with the national objectives of Universal Health Coverage. 

The successful completion of this orientation phase marks a significant milestone in laying the groundwork for a more health-conscious and proactive approach to employee well-being within the NHIA ecosystem. 

As the participants embrace their roles as ambassadors of the new policy direction, the stage is set for continuous improvement.Present at the training session were the Greater Accra Regional Director, Madam Patience Danquah, the Central Regional, Fred Appiah, and a Senior Manager from Membership and Regional Operations (MRO).

Source: Lydia Adjei-Tutu Greater Accra Regional PRO