NHIA unveils Sunshine Policy | 3/30/2023

The National Health Insurance Authority (NHIA), Chief Executive, Dr Benard Okoe- Boye on March 30, 2023, officially unveiled a digital platform meant for publishing ‘Claims’ paid to the Authority’s credentialled service providers.

The platformed dubbed, ‘Sunshine Policy’ is meant to deepening accountability, transparency, and social auditing as the NHIS marks its 20th Anniversary. Briefing the media, Dr. Okoe-Boye explained, “The system is such that nobody can make any alterations or changes to any figures on the website, hence the public is assured of free and fair services.”

 “Over the years, payments paid were usually not known by suppliers especially those who supply consumables to the various hospitals, hence each time they ask for their payments, the providers blame it on NHIS.” According to Dr. Okoe-Boye, Claims payments are now done monthly. 

“We will make payment plans more understandable by all, since we make payments every month to facilities but because by default, we owe the facilities when arrears are paid facilities make it look as if we owe them several months or have not made payments at all.”

 “From this moment Providers and Suppliers and our various stakeholders can have access to our website with a password designated for each head of facilities so they can see payments made through a link shared.” He urged the media to always contact the NHIA Corporate Affairs Directorate for details of subsequent Claims payments.

 “The media can also access this information through our corporate affairs directorate who can give them any information regarding any facility’s payments at any time they wish for accurate reportage.”

 As incorporated into the NHIS official website, organizations that can have access to the Claims payments platform include the Ghana Health Service (GHS), Christian Health Association of Ghana (CHAG),Ghana Medical Association (GMA),Society of Private Medical and Dental Association (SPMDA), Pharmaceutical Society of Ghana (PSGH), Community Practice Pharmacists' Association (CPA) and Government and Hospital Pharmacist Association (GHOSPA). 

The rest are the Ghana Registered Midwives Association (GMA), the Pharmacy Council, Physician Assistants Association of Ghana, Private Health Facilities Association of Ghana, Association of Quasi-Government Institutions, Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Association of Ghana (MAG),Ghana National Chamber of Pharmacy (GNCP),Pharmaceutical Importers, Wholesalers Association of Ghana (PIWA) and the Ahmadiyya Muslim Mission.Dr. Okoe–Boye further launched the NHIS ‘Messaging platform’ added to the website www.nhis.gov.gh. 

 He encouraged the public to send messages directly to the NHIS through the website for the appropriate responses.

 By: Hamdiya Amadu Yakubu