NHIS Staff Gets Trained on the NHIS Research Policy and Agenda | 11/23/2023

The National Health Insurance Authority, with support from the Korea Foundation for International Healthcare, successfully developed and launched the NHIS Research Policy and Agenda in July 2023 at the University Ghana Business School.

Following the successful development of the National Health Insurance Scheme’s Policy agenda, a team from the Research, Policy, Monitoring, and Evaluation (RPME) directorate has trained a total of 114 NHIS staff across the Country on the manual and electronic implementation of the research policy and agenda.

The document is a two-part policy that has the roles and responsibilities of the applicant as well as the requirements and procedures needed for both internal and external applicants (stakeholders) to attain NHIS data.

The request by an applicant for data from the Authority, upon submission and receipt of the request, will take a period of 4 to 6 weeks for primary and secondary data respectively to be made available.

The policy highlights the manual and electronic procedures required by staff and external researchers to request for NHIS data.

The policy would be made available on the website of the Authority by the end of the first quarter of 2024.Speaking on how the policy can be beneficial to staff, the Director of RPME, Dr. Asenso–Boadi, said the policy and agenda will enable staff to be able to develop themselves through educational research thereby enhancing their skills and overall output in the operations of the scheme.

The nationwide training tour has been crowned with a two-day training at the Head office in Accra to disseminate the content of the policy to staff from the various directorates. This NHIS research policy and agenda forms part of the implementation of the Chief Executive’s (Dr Okoe Boye's) 5D agenda on Data dissemination and human development.

Story by: Lydia Kyeremaa Owusu