Two months into your role, I am very impressed says President Kufuor to NHIA CEO | 6/7/2024

An NHIA delegation, led by the Chief Executive, Dr. Da-Costa Aboagye, paid a courtesy visit to the former President of Ghana, John Agyekum Kufuor, at his residence in Peduase and expressed their profound gratitude for the former president's pioneering role in the establishment of the National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS) in 2003, a landmark initiative that has since transformed healthcare accessibility in Ghana.

The meeting was both a gesture of respect and a strategic discussion, underscoring the Authority's commitment to the values and vision laid down during President Kufuor's tenure. 

 During the meeting, President Kufuor reminisced about the challenges and triumphs of launching the NHIS and spoke passionately about his vision for an equitable healthcare system that would ensure all Ghanaians, regardless of their economic status, could access quality medical care.

He praised the current management for their efforts in sustaining and expanding the Scheme, emphasizing the importance of continuity and innovation in policy implementation. President Kufuor affirmed the positive impact the Chief Executive Dr. Aboagye had made in a rather short time in his role and prayed for unity between Management and the Board.  

The Board Chairman of the NHIA, Dr. Ernest K. P. Kwarko joined the team and reassured the former President that under his stewardship the Scheme had witnessed great transformation that will further be strengthened with the new Executive Management team.  

Dr. Da-Costa presented a detailed report on the current state of the NHIS, highlighting significant achievements such as increased membership enrollment, improved service delivery, and financial sustainability measures. He went on to explain his four-point vision to enhance the Scheme with great emphasis on the inclusion of Promotive and preventive health initiatives in the Scheme’s benefit package.

They also discussed ongoing challenges, including funding gaps and the need for high level advocacy by stakeholders to support the Scheme. In response, President Kufuor offered invaluable insights and advice drawn from his extensive experience in governance and public health policy.

He encouraged the NHIA to remain steadfast in their mission, advocating for public-private partnerships and leveraging technology to enhance efficiency and transparency within the system. 

The visit concluded with a heartfelt expression of mutual respect and commitment to advancing Ghana's healthcare system.

The NHIA team left inspired by President Kufuor's wisdom and fortified in their resolve to uphold and build upon the legacy of the NHIS. The NHIA team included the Deputy Chief Executive, Admin/HR, Dr. Yaa Pokuaa Baiden (Mrs), Deputy Chief Executive, Operations, Louisa Atta-Agyemang (Mrs) and some Directors. This engagement not only reinforced the historical significance of the NHIS but also charted a forward-looking path for continued improvement and innovation in healthcare delivery for all Ghanaians.